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Press Release: Rep. Cawthorn Drops H.R. 2392 A Bill to Bolster Capitol Security Infrastructure

April 20, 2021


April 19, 2021                                                                    


Press Release: Rep. Cawthorn Drops H.R. 2392 A Bill to Bolster Capitol Security Infrastructure

(WASHINGTON, DC) – NC-11 Congressional Representative Madison Cawthorn, introduced H.R. 2392 on the House Floor. This bill seeks to address security concerns on the Capitol campus, and provides security provisions to bolster USCP in their mission.


Provisions of H.R. 2392:


  • An intelligence report regarding systemic failures of intelligence relating to the January 6th attacks is ordered
  • The Chief of the USCP is instructed to construct a new intelligence nexus/center
  • The USCP is instructed to investigate the use of de-escalation strategies during January 6th
  • The AOC is instructed to conduct an assessment of the damages of 1/6 and shall include in that assessment a plan to modernize and increase the security of the Capitol complex
  • The Chief of the USCP is charged with carrying out an initiative to improve the USCP officer’s ability to communicate with each other during riots
  • The Library of Congress is added to the Capitol Police Board 
  • The fencing around the Capitol is slated to come down within 30 days of passage 
  • Fencing cannot be placed back up without a 3-1 vote of the newly constituted USCP board
  • USCP chief is ordered to undertake a study into the feasibility of portable physical interdiction systems (fencing) to replace fixed fencing


Rep. Cawthorn issued the following statement on H.R. 2392, "The safety of our law enforcement is of the utmost importance. The events that occurred on January 6th can never be allowed to happen again, and this legislation represents a strong step towards rectifying operational failures in the USCP. Furthermore, we must empower officers and return the Capitol to a state of normalcy. This bill does exactly that. The fencing must go down, the People's House must reopen."