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National Defense

The Cornerstone of Security:

The strength of our armed forces is the bedrock of U.S. national security. A robust and cutting edge fighting force not only assures America’s allies of our unwavering support, but also promotes peace and prosperity globally.

America’s military cannot afford to buckle in the face of many emerging geopolitical threats. Radical terrorism, nuclear proliferation and Russian aggression will face no check if this nation’s armed forces falter. I will make military strength a top congressional priority and seek to furnish our armed forces with the tools they need to effectively and safely promote peace and democracy on the global stage.


Peace Through Strength:

America’s military is a tool for peace. Our nation’s armed forces together represent one of the greatest diplomatic tools ever created.

Career politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden decry the size and strength of American military might. What they fail to understand is that rogue dictators and socialist leaders only understand one message, strength. And when the strongest military force ever created sits across from them at the negotiating table, they listen. If America were to become weak and allow its military to fall into disrepair, then nothing would stand between the western world and the wolves of fascism, socialism and marxism who lurk just beyond the light of freedom.